Gateshead-wide Activities Guide

Here at Gateshead Older People's Assembly, our focus is on making sure over 50s in our borough have access to a wide variety of opportunities to improve their health, maintain their independence, and learn new skills.  To help spread the word about what's going on in Gateshead, we publish an activities guide highlighting classes, groups, and activities suitable for older people.  In addition to our own activities, we include those of other charities and community groups, so if you would like your organisation's activities included in the guide, please contact us.  

As many of Gateshead's community venues are still sorting their schedules to accommodate COVID restrictions, we are publishing a more streamlined guide.  The guide will be expanded as venues reopen.  You can download our most recent activities guide by clicking the button below.  

Activities for Over 50s

If you'd like to only see the activities on offer at our Deckham base, click here.