About Us

Gateshead Older People's Assembly was established in 2002 and became a registered charity in 2007.

Our beneficiaries are all people over the age of 50 who live in Gateshead. 

The Assembly is governed by a board of 7 trustees, all of whom are over 50 and who live in Gateshead.  A charity governed by a board of trustees who are also beneficiaries is rare and gives the Assembly a unique perspective on the issues facing older people in Gateshead and across the UK.

Gateshead Older People's Assembly has an established health and wellbeing hub based in Deckham Village Hall. The centre provides older people with a central hub for a range of wellness activities, a community café and a place for learning and enrichment. 

In addition to the activities taking place at our base in Deckham, we support welcoming groups across the borough which exist to help tackle loneliness and isolation and to provide a platform for our beneficiaries to develop stronger relationships and to try a range of new activities.

Our Mission

To be the recognised provider of support and to be the voice of older people in Gateshead by communicating, providing relevant services, and representing the views of our beneficiaries

Our Vision

Gateshead Older People’s Assembly will be known by every older person in Gateshead as the best place for advice and assistance and will represent older people at all levels.

Our Values

Respect, Equality, Honesty, Fairness, Trust