Trustee spotlight -- Marion McMahon and Brian Coates

It's Trustees' Week!  To celebrate, we'll be shining the spotlight on some of our own fabulous trustees.  Today's trustees are Marion McMahon and Brian Coates.  

Marion serves as our treasurer.  She was born in Gateshead and was self-employed in a fair trade business before retiring.  

Brian is the chair of our board of trustees.  He was born in Newcastle and has lived in Gateshead since 1970.  A local authority councillor for 20 years, Brian served as the mayor of Gateshead 1999-2000 and is now an alderman.

Both Marion and Brian have served on our board for several years and we are tremendously grateful for the experience and local knowledge they've shared with the Assembly.

What made you become a charity trustee ?

Marion says, "I thought it would be a way to make a difference and help older people in our borough have opportunities to do things they wouldn’t normally do."

Brian was familiar with the work of the Assembly as he served on the board of Deckham Community Centre, which is now our Deckham base.  He says, "Having being involved with Deckham Community Centre as I was for twenty years, the opportunity to help transition it to a centre for older people in Gateshead as a trustee was too good to miss."

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a trustee?

Marion believes anyone considering taking the leap to serving as a trustee should definitely give it a go.  "To anyone thinking about becoming a trustee -- just do it. You won’t regret it!"

Brian feels the same way, saying, "To anyone thinking of becoming a trustee, I would say if you have the time and commitment, GO FOR IT.  It's interesting, exciting, and very worthwhile to be involved in the growth of a very important organisation."