Members of Gateshead Older People’s Assembly will be a little safer this winter, thanks to the generosity of a local law firm

Muckle LLP has provided 12 members with walking sticks that have a light and an alarm integrated into the handle.

This was made possible after we applied for £360 of funding from the Muckle LLP Fund which is managed by the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

The Assembly’s Development Manager, Craig Bankhead, said “The chair of our Charity, Esther Ward, came into the office one day with a brand new walking stick that had a light on the front as well as an alarm for emergencies. She was very pleased with it as it means that walking down steps in the dark or finding the keyhole in her front door are now much easier as a result.”

“A lot of our members are unable to afford these £30 sticks so we applied to the Muckle LLP Fund at the Community Foundation and were delighted when we were told that the application was successful. Our members are very grateful to Muckle LLP and the community Foundation and would like to publicly thank them for their generosity”

Craig added “This fund is just one of the funds we have been able to access through the Community Foundation. With grants that have been managed by them, we have been able to undertake a wide range of projects supporting older people in Gateshead”

Hugh Welch, Senior Partner, from Muckle LLP said: “This is a great grant. Our charitable fund exists to help community projects and there can’t be many better examples of a thriving community project than Gateshead Older People’s Assembly. I am delighted we have been able to help them.”