Happy to Chat Benches

With restrictions loosening from today, we're delighted to introduce our Happy to Chat benches!  We're all hoping to get out and about a bit more, and with the beautiful spring weather we're having, there's really no excuse not to do so, is there?

We're conscious that, for many people, the most recent lockdown has been the most difficult one yet.  The weather hasn't helped.  Cold, dark days can make finding motivation difficult.  And Christmas can be a very difficult time for some, even at the best of times.  There are also many people who live alone who haven't had the opportunity to have a pleasant face-to-face chat with anyone else for several months.

Now that we can meet outdoors again, we've taken the opportunity to place our Happy to Chat signs on nearly sixty benches across Gateshead.  If you're open to having a chat with a passer-by, pop yourself down on a bench!  We hope everyone will keep an eye out for the signs and will stop and say hello to those who have indicated that they're happy to chat.  

If you'd like some Happy to Chat signs for benches in your local area, please contact us.  We'd be delighted to send you some!

UPDATE:  The Chronicle has just published a lovely article about our benches!