Get Connected!

Are you interested in learning more about computers and how to use them to keep in touch with friends and family and make life easier?  If so, our new technology programme, Get Connected, is perfect for you!

Get Connected classes cover the following:

  • The Basics (How does a computer work?  What is the internet?  What can a computer do?)
  • The Internet (basic navigation, searching, bookmarking)
  • Taking and editing photos Email (setting up an account, sending/receiving, managing your inbox)
  • Skype and WhatsApp (setting up an account, adding friends, chatting, sending messages)
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Making your life easier (banking, paying bills, weekly shops, managing your health)
  • Apps and Extras
  • Staying safe online
  • How to shop for technology

Each cohort will last 10 weeks and will be held at our premises in Deckham Community Centre. Our next class will start 6 February from 12 - 2:30pm.  Lunch will be provided. Spaces are limited -- to book your place, please ring us on 0191 438 1721 or email

get connected