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summer social

You are cordially invited...

10 June 2017

Our summer social will be held on Wednesday, 21 June, from 1-2 p.m. at Deckham Village Hall.  We'll be celebrating the official launch of our dementia-friendly community garden and recognising the work of our fantastic team of ...  (Read More)
ambition kitchen

Ambition Kitchen -- April's beneficiary

03 May 2017

Each month, we host an Ambition Kitchen event in our community café.  Our customers make a donation in exchange for a delicious homemade meal and all of the donations are pooled and put toward a worthy event or organisation as ...  (Read More)

Gateshead College Lends a Helping Hand

28 April 2017

Gateshead College's executive team paid us a visit earlier this week.  They very generously donated their time to help us make a start on our dementia-friendly community garden at our premises in Deckham Village Hall.  Six enth...  (Read More)

Garden Update

18 April 2017

Our Dementia Friendly Garden is getting nearer completion. Thank you so, so much to Greentech Services who have donated an enormous pile of dark, nutritious, local compost for our dementia-friendly community garden. It was incr...  (Read More)