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We're sowing the seeds of love!

16 April 2021

If you've ever visited our base in Deckham, you'll know that we're incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some lovely fields.  This week, we decided to take the opportunity to beautify the area just behind our building by plantin...  (Read More)

Happy to Chat Benches

12 April 2021

With restrictions loosening from today, we're delighted to introduce our Happy to Chat benches!  We're all hoping to get out and about a bit more, and with the beautiful spring weather we're having, there's really no excuse not...  (Read More)

Our 2021-24 Strategic Plan

29 March 2021

We are delighted to share our new strategic plan, which outlines our charity's priorities for the next three years.  We drafted a new plan in January 2020, but as you can imagine, that plan was designed for a very different wor...  (Read More)

A Return to Outdoor Exercise

24 March 2021

Our outdoor exercise programme will resume from 12 April!  Thanks to Sport England, the outdoor exercise area at our Deckham base is undergoing a major transformation and participants will be exercising under a large permanent ...  (Read More)